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Kick Cancer License Plate Update

9/18/2018-  There are currently 391 Kick Cancer Plates on cars now.  During the next 12 days of September Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, let’s try to increase that number to 491.  Order yours today online:


10/10/2017-  License Plates are out on cars now!  You may order yours online:


7/19/2017- Our bill became a LAW!  The Governor signed our bill and now it is the DMV’s turn. Our wait is now down to six months or less and our Kick Cancer for Kids plate will be on the backs of our cars!! Thank you all for your tireless support! 💛🎗


6/30/2017- Our Kick Cancer for Kids license plate passed the Senate and House!! So it’s through legislation and is waiting on the Governor’s signature!
Now, we wait for the DMV to process and produce the plates. Please be patient, this next (and last) leg of our plate’s journey can take up to 6 months.
But our plate is coming and we have made a mark in NC’s history as a group that pressed on to see North Carolina’s children with cancer recognized, supported, and raised vital funds for childhood cancer research.
There are so many people to thank, and I know I’ll leave people out if I try to recognize everyone. But briefly, a big thanks to Representative Pat Hurley who sponsored and supports our plate, Riley’s Army, to Britton Allen for being our legislative liaison, to Kristi Hanchey and Stacy Mitchell Hughes for putting in long hours of hard work to bring this idea to reality, and to Allison Manring Taylor for designing and continuing to edit our plate. Last but not least, a HUGE and most important thank you to all of you who have supported us, filled out applications, paid fees, and patiently waited to see this dream become reality

4/19/17- Bill was approved through the House Transportation Committee and now onto House Finance Committee

4/6/17- Bill has been filed.  Main sponsors are: Pat Hurley and Pricey Harrison.  Now it will move to the House Transportation Committee.

Thank You! We reached 312 applications and sent them to the General Assembly on Feb 8th- awaiting approval now!

Video of our exciting news: