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Riley’s Army in the media

July 2016- Pitt County Schools AIG camp had a group of 4 students worked very hard over a 4 day period to create the video. They were tasked with creating a stop-motion video promoting an organization of their choice. They chose RA because they liked the mission we have, helping the families of children with cancer. They wanted to promote this and make a stop-motion video for our cause. Great job- Katie B., Jack P., Lauren A., Wesley K.!


Riley’s Army Video Created by ECU student- Kayce Valdes- Spring 2016

Help us support kids with cancer!

September is childhood cancer awareness month and we accepted the #WhippingChildhoodCancer‬ challenge.

Take a pie in the face for kids with cancer.

You have 46 hours to complete the challenge and donate $7 to a childhood cancer charity of your choice. If you fail to complete the challenge, donate $46. Regardless everyone nominate 7 others (46 if you are feeling ambitious).

Riley’s Army Walk & Field Day 2010

The East Carolina women’s soccer team held its Second-Annual Riley’s Army Auction on Oct. 22 wearing pink jersey’s against UTEP that were auctioned off at the end of its 1-0 shutout win. The Pirates raised over $6,000 for the Riley’s Army charity of Greenville.

Purple! Magazine September/October 2011 video feature

Riley’s Army & Relay for life host the Pediatric Cancer Survivor Dinner – WNCT9 news report